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Bridge to Royalty Spring 2022

A 5-Day Challenge


Becoming Princess Warriors: Building Your Foundation


April 4-8, 2022

Ready to leave your negative and destructive mindset behind?

Committed to starting the journey to enter boldly into your God-given purpose?



Bridge to Royalty 5-Day Challenge

is the perfect program to get the confidence and tools to achieve Transformation!

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”  Romans 12:2

By attending you’re getting:

  • FIVE days of Bible-based teaching from 5 Women of God

  • Bridge to Royalty workbook to download and refer to

  • Recordings of most of the presentations with lifetime access

  • Practical tools and strategy to apply the knowledge gained 

  • A powerful daily challenge to reinforce the teaching

  • Membership in our exclusive SPA Women’s Circle where you can share ah-ha moments, homework, resources, ideas, and revelations

  • Discount on the upcoming mentor-ship and accountability program: Mastermind Transform

  • BACKSTAGE Live zoom call -- a Real Talk hangout 

  • Daily inspirational texts

  • Surprise & Prizes

Our Mission:

A group of 7 women has come together to present The Bridge to Becoming a Princess Warrior, an ongoing project in the SPA Women’s Circle.


Their goal is to work as a team to challenge Christian women to be transformed and breakthrough their limiting beliefs and habits to take steps on the way to fulfill their purpose by becoming bold, self-assured leaders in their life, business, or ministry.

Here’s what you’ll learn

pastor sarah v smith.jpg


Pastor Sarah Vaughan Smith

Business & Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author

“Put Your Dream to the Test”

The Ownership Question: Is My Dream Really My Dream? Many people ignore their desires. Some undertake a career to please their parents, their spouses, or others. That may make you dutiful, but it will not make you successful. You cannot achieve a dream that you do not own. How have your plans, goals, and desires been influenced by others? Are you aware of how your vision for yourself has been impacted? Is it possible that your dreams are the result of who others think you are? Who you wish you were? Or are they the result of…who you really are and who you are meant to be? 

debbie portrait.png


Deborah (Debbie) A. Sage

Playwright, Director, Entrepreneur

“Stepping off the Cliff: Letting Go of Fear, Going Forward in Faith”

Picture this: Jesus is at the door knocking. You answer. You let Him in, and you surrender your life to Him. He starts you down a path, a journey that leads you to a destination that Christ has set and planned for your life. As you journey this path, you come upon a cliff. You need to get to the other side to continue the journey He has called you to but there’s no way to cross over. At that moment, in a still, quiet voice, you hear “Do you trust me?” You answer, “Yes”.  The voice continues, “Step off the Cliff”. Looking around you are seeing nothing but danger and decide there is no way you are going to step off that cliff. You turn around to find another way to cross over to the other side to continue your journey. Come with me as we learn together how to step off the cliff, allowing God to take you to the other side.



Jessica Banner, MS. 

Professional Pastoral Counselor

“The Warrior Mindset: Overcoming Challenges in our Thoughts and Hearts”

In this session, we will talk about the impact of living in a broken world with the sinful nature of men on our thoughts and emotions. We will discuss the beliefs and responses we develop when we experience trauma in this life, which is the thief of identity and truth. We will look to the word and the promises of God to seek his invitation to heal and be strengthened in our thoughts, emotions, and body so we may walk in the fullness of our identity, calling, and anointing.

kah for wp home.png


Pastor Karlene Hamilton

Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Author

“Journey through the Wall, Letting Go of Power and Control”

Every follower of Jesus at some point will confront the Wall - or “the dark night of the soul”, whether it be divorce, job loss, betrayal, cancer diagnosis, or an unfulfilled desire to marry.

Failure to understand its nature results in great long-term pain and confusion. Receiving the gift of God in the Wall, however, transforms our lives forever. Our Christian life is a journey that involves movement, action, stops and starts, detours, delays, and trips into the unknown. Our session will focus on these starts and stops that we will inevitably find ourselves on throughout our life. 

We will investigate the 6 stages of The Wall or the Stages of Faith. Each stage builds naturally on each other, and we cannot skip from one stage to another. 

Stage 1: Life-Changing Awareness of God 

Stage 2: Discipleship 

Stage 3: The Active Life 

Stage 4: The Wall & Journey Inward 

Stage 5: Journey Outward 

Stage 6: Transformed into Love

d kwakumey.jpg


Minister Doreen Kwakumey 

Ministry Leader & Medical Professional 

“When You Are Blessed by the Best ~ Financial Freedom”

In the midst of Covid 19, stock market declines, loss of jobs, and a staggering economy, many have found themselves battling one of the greatest battles of their life, called financial insecurity. With wars threatening, social inequalities rising, and surmounting fears, many households are wondering where their next meal will come from and if they face the risk of being homeless.

The answer lies within the written pages of God’s word. It is an exercise of faith, trust, and resilience; knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that with God all things are possible.

Come, and let us take a journey through the word of God, and learn the strategic steps needed in order to achieve Financial Freedom.

Your Hosts:

The Bridge to Royalty is sponsored by the
SPA Women's Circle.
Pastor Sarah Vaughan Smith, Pastor Karlene Hamilton, Minister Ava-Ann Pennyfeather, Minister Lisa Reid, Debbie Sage, Betty Bleach Thomas, & Olive Knight
opk small.png
Olive Knight, CEO
SPA Women's Circle

How do I know if this program is for ME?

This program IS for YOU if:

  • You have considered starting your own business or ministry, but fear or other emotions has stopped you

  • You have experienced some deep emotional shock in your life that paralyzes you to move forward confidently

  • You know you have a gift, talent, or skill but don’t know what steps to take to be effective

  • You want to leave a legacy!

Register for Bridge to Royalty NOW!
$25 per person


If we’ve learned anything recently, it would be that life is unpredictable. Sometimes life circumstances change and schedules can be affected. With that in mind, we provide the following alternative to assist you in the event of a change:

Registrations are non-refundable. However, you may transfer your registration to someone of your choice. To request a transfer, please email with the name and email address of the person. The deadline to transfer is April 1, 2022.

SPA Members
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